Mindless moments

Hi all, mindless moments, I feel we don’t have these anymore or at least not as many as we used too.

What got me thinking about this was watching Nigel Slater on his cooking show, he was simply shelling pea pods (now if you don’t know what that means then it’s simply taking peas out of their pods). All of those mindless tasks that had to be performed years ago have mostly disappeared, our worlds are more automated to make things easier and faster.

Going back a few generations, wash day (washing all clothing by hand) was once a full day job and I guess you would have had time to just think and be with your thoughts whilst washing your clothes. Preparing food from scratch as it didn’t all come washed and ready to use or frozen and ready to pop in the oven. Blokes had a shed they go and tinker in, which may have been planting seeds to fixing a clock to fixing the lawnmower, jobs that just needed doing without too much thought. All giving our brains a chance to just be and wonder.

We don’t live like this any longer and as for kids, they are never board. They may complain constantly they have nothing to do, but in real terms they are so used to being entertained and too, what I would call, a high level. The computer games they play are so stimulating to their brains. They have constant access to entertainment via the TV, mobile phones and tablets. When I was young kid’s programs happened in the morning, around lunchtime and again after school, not all day. Car journeys, all the entertainment that was available was the radio and maybe a cassette to listen too. Now they have films to watch and games to play, kids don’t just sit, listen to the music and watch the world go by and I feel that adults don’t either.

Please don’t feel bad about this, I too have done it, I have given my boys technology time just so I can get things done and they aren’t under my feet. So please don’t feel I am judging anyone, I have been there and done it too.

As adults we have to be more aware of how we fill our time, are you constantly reaching for your mobile if you are not doing anything, do you turn to technology for stimulation? Can you just sit and be with your thoughts?

Our creative moments are at their best when we are bored and allow our minds to wonder.

Mind wondering is good for you, now I am not asking you to sit for hours and be mindful or meditate (however if you wish too then please do), it can just be a few moments. All you have to do is be comfortable, sitting or lying which ever you wish, and begin by focusing on your breathing. Just simply be aware of every breathe and just allow your mind to take you where it wishes. You may find that your focus remains on your breathing or you may find your mind drifts off, and it could take you anywhere and allow yourself to enjoy where it takes you, allow yourself to explore your own mind.

I will be honest and tell you I am very poor at mindfulness and meditation; I find just being with my thoughts much easier for me. But if mindfulness works for you then use it, if meditation is what is best for you, again do it.

There are so many apps out there that you can use to help you, go and have a look.

You could also pop some music on if you wish or go and tinker around in the garden, you could enjoy a walk with no technology, take time out and allow your brain and mind to just be.