Pricing and Testimonials


£50 for first/initial session

£40 follow up sessions

Please allow up to 2 hours for the first/initial session which includes the consultation. If you have any time constraints when visiting me then please make me aware of them. It may not take as long as 2 hours, often about 1 hour 30 mins.

Smoking Cessation £95

I charge £95 per session for quit smoking, some will ask why and that’s because it shows commitment which is what is needed for success.


“I am a working mum with two active boys and a hectic lifestyle! I struggle to relax, and this started to affect my health. I started to get lots of neck pain and headaches.

To be perfectly honest when I first spoke to Helen about hypnotherapy, I wasn’t convinced it would work for me – I thought I would just have to continue popping the pills!

However, after several weeks, I was amazed at how relaxed I was. Helen made me feel safe and in control. She taught me techniques to use when I start to feel stressed or anxious, which has really helped.

I now just head off to my special place, when my neck or head starts to ache.”

Rachel Johnson


“I am a mum of 2 young children who works nights and wanted to increase my motivation to get fit. My goal was to start running and with the aid of Helen I started to run twice a week and over time my fitness level improved. It was very relaxing and my motivation just seamed to increase with every session.

I was also under some emotional stress at the time which Helen said she could help me with, we spent 3 or 4 sessions working on this and it really helped me cope with my stress levels at the time. My children also benefitted as I was more able to deal with their tempers and tantrums. My husband also noticed a difference in my attitude to life, commenting on how much more relaxed I was.

I found it a very relaxing and confidence building therapy and would recommend it to my friends, even if only to take some time out and relax and I mean really relax.”

Anna Hope

BWRT work

Having avoided co-facilitating the psycho-education groups at work for 15 months and then experiencing an extremely anxiety provoking, ‘on the spot’ presentation at Uni, I realised that I needed to make it work.

Initially, I considered practising what I preach, that is graded exposure…
Now, although I truly believe that this can and does work wonders, it was a no go for me because there was no way of ensuring the numbers for such groups started off small and gradually increased. Nor did it seem fair to give a colleague most of the work just so I could step in for a minimal amount of time. I also deliberated presenting in front of people I know, however I decided that was not going to effectively mimic the same environment and circumstances.

With much anticipation over the forthcoming groups, I decided to turn to you.

I had sparse knowledge of BWRT, I realised it was a relatively new practice but I was intrigued by it and willing to give it a go.
My knowledge expanded when you suggested I watch the two videos with Terence Watts outlining the fundamentals of the therapy. I was amazed that so few sessions were needed and you suggested it should take just one session for myself.

The day of, I felt slightly nervous because this was something new and different. Your demeanor and explanation was very reassuring, this existed throughout the therapeutic process. I felt such a sense of relief afterwards and couldn’t wait to see whether it worked for me in practice.

Within 3-4 weeks I was asked to co-facilitate a group. I agreed with no hesitation, knowing that this was the time. Since this time, I’ve conducted 2 group sessions and my anxiety has been very much under control. I have actually gained enjoyment from running these sessions- this is hard to believe considering the extent of my anxiety surrounding public speaking historically. I will undoubtedly have a lot more groups to co-facilitate in the future and I perceive this with no anxiety now.

Without further ado, I’d like to express my huge sense of gratitude to you. You demonstrated both warmth and professionalism, and of course your impressive skill-set in BWRT practice.

For anyone thinking about giving it a go, I highly recommend Helen Goad and BWRT!

Kind regards
Amanda D



“I came to Helen with anxiety issues and after 4 appointments I feel like I am back to my normal happy self. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with any issues. Thanks” ?

From a young lady who owns her own business, we used BWRT® and hypnotherapy.



This is an email i received from a client (more BWRT work)

Hi Helen,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write to you. I just wanted to say how fantastic the BWRT therapy was.I must admit to have been slightly sceptical, but I have to say the results were astounding! My extreme agitation was gone just like that. Even now, many weeks later, the specific triggers that previously sent my stress levels soaring don’t do that any more. Amazing! It’s really helped me cope with a difficult situation. I can’t thank you enough.
Best wishes,



WSN Work
We did a session before this ladies interview
Hiya Helen, the interview went really well ! Thank you for your massive help , it made such a difference xx