Hi all, 

Here are something’s that you may find helpful during this strange time.

STAY IN CONTACT- Stay I contact as much as you can with friends and family, I have seen people doing online parties, meals, dance lessons, art lessons, music fun, lots of things can be recreated via Zoom, Skype, any video call.

This will help you and whoever you contact, don’t wait for someone to say “Hi, how’s things?” Do it and do it know, don’t put it off. Brighten someone’s day with a message or chat 👍

LOOK AFTER YOUR NUTRITION- This is so important during this time, keep nurturing your body from the inside, this will boost mood and help keep your immune system tip top. Kimberly is a lady I follow on Facebook and will be able to help you, she knows much more about nutrition than I do 👍 Also sun ☀️ is important, vitamin D is good for your immune system so try to get some when it is nice (but don’t over do it).

ESSENTIAL OILS- these can also be used to help in so many areas, immune system, mood, general well-being. Toni is a lady I recommend, she knows so much about essential oils and much more.

EXERCISE (moving your body) – At this time this is so important for physical and emotion health, the better we keep our health the better we will get through this.

If you can exercise in green spaces (not as easy know due to parks being closed) then do so. But do stay safe and follow the rules.

There are so many online exercise classes from yoga to Pilates, to high intensive training. I am sure if you take some time you could find something that suits you, I do the Devina DVD most mornings.

LivFit has been posting some great stretches and Olivia may be a lady to contact for further ideas 💡

MINDFULNESS and MEDITATION – their are lots of apps out there, Headspace, Calm, Meditate, Aura. I will be honest and admit I am really bad at these, but I do know they can be really helpful for some and my clients have recommended some of the apps I have mentioned above.

I believe you can also get some for kids, go and look and you will probably be surprised as to what you find.

For me I just lie comfortably and allow my mind to simply wonder, simple quiet time. Toni will be able to help with this too, very talented lady.

ROUTINE- Where possible try to have a routine, don’t spend all morning in bed, get up, get dressed and do. I am not saying you need to get up and get dressed as if you are heading out to work, mind you that may work for you, get up at a decent time and go to bed at a decent time too. If you don’t it will be one hell of a shock when life gets back to normal. If you can create routine through your day then great. We had a good routine in the first week of as the boys had homeschooling, last week and this week not as much.

Routine can be whatever works for you, cleaning in a morning, enjoying a mid morning coffee and catch up. Lunch them afternoon in the garden followed by and afternoon break (afternoon tea maybe), if you wish have some tv time and social media time slotted in, try to keep the negative social media to a minimum.

MONEY WORRIES- I have been following a lady called Deradra on FB for sometime now and she has set up a group around our emotions towards money. If money is a worry at the moment then it may be helpful, it is more about our thoughts and feelings around money, if you can get them right then things will improve. If you brew up being told “money doesn’t grow and trees” “you have to work hard to be rich” then you may have a negative mind set towards money, pop along to her group and see if it’s for you.


  • News, the news you need to know will find you.
  • Too much negative social media, keep your time lines positive.
  • Too much technology time, don’t over stimulate your brain, give it quiet time.
  • Negative people, if poss avoid them, they will only bring you down to their level.


  • Listen to music.
  • Watch your favourite film or tv show (but not too much).
  • Sing and dance.
  • Get out in fresh air where possible.
  • Have quiet time.
  • Enjoy family and friends in whatever way you can.
  • Stay connected.
  • Do what you enjoy, whatever that may be.

If you have a small business and would like a great group to be part of then Diana has a great one called Cumbria loves to network, very supportive group full of a wide variety of people/business that you may find help from.

Here is a link to my Anxiety Matters – Cumbria, feel free to join the group if you feel it would help you in any way.