Gender: Male

Age: Late 50’s

Presenting Problem: Constant need to pee

4 Sessions

Client K got in touch with me as he had been through surgery to help with his need to pee (prostate operation) and felt following the operation everything would return back to normal. Things didn’t even though the operation was successful, he contacted his GP and was advised to try hypnotherapy as the GP felt his brain needed retraining (client’s words).

The first session, as always, was a talking session where full discussion of thoughts feelings and where life is for him. Client K was very open which helped enormously, he explained how the need to pee all the time was really getting in the way of his life. Enjoying day trips was a nightmare of planning pee stops and where the closest toilet is, enjoying evenings out was with a constant anxious feeling looking for the nearest loo, work life was around pee breaks and when he could get to the loo, it was taking the joy of life and lining away from him.

During the next session we worked on the feelings he gets, the need or urge to pee, this was worked on using BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) which helped dramatically, client K felt so much more comfortable following this second session. We did further work on the brain body connections, more specifically how his bladder, penis and brain were communicating with each other. We adjusted this communication to how client K wanted and felt most comfortable for him, working on getting the communication between the brain and bladder stronger.

The client reported back to me following each session and each time improvement had been felt and seen, how he is visiting the toilet less frequently, his need to go isn’t ruling his day to day jobs/work and is sleeping much better too. Client K explained he had a night out coming up and would like to be able to drink pints rather than shots with his friends.

Update, the evening out with friends went very well. Client K was able to enjoy 3 pints before having to go to the loo and was very pleased with the progress and how things have changed for him. He feels like his brain is now back in full control of his bladder which is leaving him so much more calmer and relaxed in everyday life as well as events that he has enjoyed much more. One happy chap.

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