Case Studies

Here are some mini case studies of what I have worked with and what the therapies I do can help with

WSN mini parts session

Help with assertiveness

Client A

Female in her 50’s

This was a session I really enjoyed doing.

I did a mini WSN parts therapy with the client, WSN looks at 3 different parts within us, we all have a kind and caring part, a strong and confident part and also a get out there and enjoy life part. WSN stands for Warrior (the strong confident part) Settler (the kind and caring part) and the Nomad (the get out there and enjoy life part).

Client A wanted help when talking to her husband about moving, she wasn’t happy where they lived and in the business they shared.

We created the different parts as characters, I ask clients to use historical or fictional characters so that they aren’t connected to anyone in the here and now, or someone they now.

Once she had created these characters we then did some experimenting.

I asked the client to creat an image in her mind of her talking to her husband, we then experimented which of her characters she would like where. 

To begin with I ask my clients to imagine she or he is in the centre of a triangle and at each point of the triangle is one of her characters. This triangle can move so that she can position the different characters where she feels they would be most beneficial.

Client A decided that her warrior was on one side of her, the nomad on the other with her Settler behind her. The warrior there with the strength and confidence, the nomad with the energy and the willingness for change (they love change) and the Settler having her back and gently pushing her forward.

So then we played through the scenario of her talking to her husband, I enquired to make sure all was comfortable and that this was how she felt would be most helpful for her. She felt that she needed the strength and confidence from her warrior, the energy and the want for change from her nomad right by her side, one on her left and the other her right shoulders. Client A’s Settler was behind her as this is the part she felt she needed the least, however she felt her Settler always had her back no matter what her decisions in life are.

We did some further investigation with her 3 characters to see how they felt about the change before finishing the session. She left a very happy and confident lady feeling that she had to tools to help her to do this.

Case Study 2

BWRT®️ Level 1

Spider Fear

Client in her 20’s

Client S

Client S came to see me for a fear of spiders, it had been getting worse to the point where if she woke in the night to go to the loo and found a spider she would have to wake her husband to remove it, I think he was very happy for her to come and see me.

The reason she finally decided to do this was that she has a small child and another on the way, she didn’t want to pass her fear onto her children.

She lives in a rural setting and spiders are part and parcel with where she lives, they are often in the house, small ones and the larger ones too.

We worked on her fear and she left feeling great and so much more comfortable. She felt very confident that she could now cope with spiders and easily get them out of her house, pop them out the window or door depending on where she was in the house.