Pic-of-meMy name is Helen and I am a fully qualified female hypnotherapist. I work in the Penrith area I live in Clifton but my clinic is in Langwathby. I have added BWRT® and WSN therapies to my tool box, please see BWRT® page for more information on these therapies.

My background is in helping people. My working carrier began as a holistic therapist, trained in massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. I have also spent time working for the NHS as a qualified Radiographer. I am also a Mum of 2.
My interest in Hypnotherapy began when my partner developed panic attacks which lead to generalised anxiety disorder, my experiences with this lead me to become a hypnotherapist. I studied hypnotherapy through a company called Chrysalis, they are nation wide and are accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society and The Royal College of Nursing. I also have experience in psychotherapy, an area that interests me. I have studyed psychotherapy to aid me with my hypnotherapy when working with people that may have more sensitive problems such as bereavement, self defeating behaviours,stress and anxiety. I am also a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society.
All my working life has been around helping people and I believe that hypnotherapy is a very positive way to help someone change their life for the better and achieve their goals.
My wish is to help people to positively change their lives and reach their goals. This is why I have added BWRT® and WSN therapies to my tool box and keep up to date with them by attending work shops and completing the nessassery mentoring for BWRT®. My training has continued over the years with a chap called Terence Watts, he is an amazing therapist and has thousands of client hours. Terence no longer sees clients, he now commits his time to training. I have now completed many of his courses and found them all very useful. I have also become a member of the British BrainWorking Society which is helping take BWRT®️ From strength to strength.




What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation that can be likened to day dreaming. Hypnotherapy is able to relax the conscious mind so that the subconscious mind is open. Open to positive suggestions by the therapist that will improve the client as a whole. Deep relaxation, both mentally and physically, through hypnosis can lead to positive physical and mental changes. Hypnosis is very safe and you the client is fully aware of what is happening at all times. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.
Please don’t let its poor reputation from stage shows and films put you off something that could make a real positive impact on your life.

The Hypnotherapy Session

The first session will be to get to know you and any problems that you have. We will spend time discussing the issue that you have come to see me for and I will also explain how hypnotherapy works. I will ask you about your personal life just so that I can build a picture of your likes and dislikes. The more information I can gain during this first session will aid me to creat personalised hypnotherapy that will suit your needs.

Some sessions may differ from the above depending on why you have come to see me, some therapies may begin straight away, for example with BWRT®. BWRT® is content free, so in some situations the client may not want to discuss what has brought them to see me in great detail all I need to know is the reason for the appointment.

Follow up treatments:- time for a chat before the hypnosis or therapy begins. The hypnotherapy will start with the relaxation (hypnosis), then a deepener may be used to relax you further. Once you are fully relaxed this is when the suggestion will occur, the therapy part. After the therapy it will be time to bring you back to complete awareness, I will give you time here to get your bearings and then time for any discussion should you feel the need.

The hypnotherapy session may vary in time; the first session is often the longest, up to 2 hours, follow up sessions about 60 mins. My fee is £50 for first/initial session, follow up sessions £40. I am willing to have a free chat at anytime over the phone.

Please contact me with any questions about the hypnotherapy sessions or any of the other therapies I offer.


“Only when you are relaxed can you see what’s going on.”
Jane Campion. Film Director.
What can I Help?
I can help with a wide range of problems from habit disorders to pain management to exam nerves.
Hypnotherapy can help:
Weight loss/ Healthy living
Quit Smoking
Panic Attacks
Pain Management
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Nail Biting
Exam Nerves
Phobias/ Fears (flying, spiders, small spaces, etc)
I am also very happy to have a chat over the phone if you would like more information.
Please call me if you would like to make an appointment.

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  1. Hi I have an awful habit of nail picking and biting, just wondering if hynotherapy may help? Thanks


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