Anxiety can ruin so much



0C58BA8B-A9FA-4F5F-9F1D-F9D4D3EB4FEBAnxiety can ruin so much

Do something to stop anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety then it can and dose affect life, from the simple things like going shopping and visiting friends to avoiding family holidays and missing out on life.

For some it’s anxiety all the time, for others it’s connected to certain things like heights, animals, being in open spaces or crowds. It takes on many forms and all are distressing on their own way.

Anxiety has many symptoms, the ones we hear of the most are the hot or cold sweats, tight chest, feeling sick or excessive butterflies and heart palpitations. But for some it’s a fear or dred that engulfs them, others it can affect their vision and give wobbly legs, all distressing in their own way.



Some of the many symptoms of anxiety, but there will be people reading this that may well have others, some will recognise all and have experienced them, others may just recognise one or two of them.


Therapy can and does help, whether it’s anxiety for a particular event, an exam or speech for example, or if anxiety is something that is taking over, social anxiety. BWRT®️ Is an amazing therapy that I do and it doesn’t involve hypnotherapy, some people are wary about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, that may be due to religion and beliefs or what people have seen on tv or in the media.

I have a blog on BWRT®️ and it gives more info.



People often say that depression is living in the past and anxiety is living in the future, where you need to be is in the here and now.

One thing I find that helps to be in the moment is just breathing, I have a timer on my watch for breathing. It is either 2 or 5 mins and all you do is follow the prompts to breath in and out. I have clients that have used an app called head space, I haven’t used it but if you give it a go and find it helpful please let me know.

It can often take a few goes to find what works for you but please take time out and look after yourself




I Enjoy a Walk Out




I often go out for walks but when the high temperatures hit us as much as I enjoy the heat and sun ☀️ I wasn’t heading out for many walks, too hot for walking. I didn’t realise how much I missed it or how positive I feel when I walk regularly.

I was out with a friend earlier in the week, it was a bit drizzly, but that didn’t stop us getting out into nature enjoying a walk and also having a good chat. Both very beneficial in this busy life we lead.

I decided to go out again the following evening and saw 2 deer’s 🦌.


I love it when I cross paths with nature, as you can see they got a bit stressed and parted company. I moved on and could hear one of them shouting for the other, I have never heard them and it sounds very similar to a bark. I headed home with a smile on my face.

Benefits of walking

We all hear that walking is good for you and if you can add nature in to this then that adds to the benefit.

I found this on google and I think it is straight to the point –

“Brisk walking boosts endorphins, the feel-good hormones that improve your mood and lower stress and mild depression. … And while countryside walks cannot cure mental illness, the combination of exercise, solitude, quiet and the beauty of the natural world can be incredibly calming and restorative”. 26 April 2014.

I advise getting out for walks where possible and helpful to my clients, especially when working with weight management, but also when working with anxiety, panic, stress and low mood.

NHS benefits of walking here is the NHS guide to walking.


Ways to incorporate walking into everyday life

It doesn’t have to be difficult

Examples include:

  • walking part of your journey to work
  • walking to the shops
  • using the stairs instead of the lift
  • leaving the car behind for short journeys or parking further away
  • walking the kids to school
  • doing a regular walk with a friend
  • going for a stroll with family or friends after dinner

Positive ways walking helps you


I have found the benefits of getting out for walks it to makes me feel good and if I am lucky enough to have an encounter with nature along the way then that really puts a smile on my face.

Take yourself out for a walk sometime very soon and see how it lifts your mood.


Head out for a walk 🙂