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A bit of background.
Terence Watts is the creator of many therapies and this is one of his. Terence was reading about free will and whether it truly exists. He came across an experiment by a chap called Benjamin Libet (click here to open a post by New Science for more info) that showed that the brain is working earlier than we are consciously aware of, about a half of a second earlier.
So if a reaction to something happens then it is happening half of a second earlier than we are consciously aware. For example a fear, panic, anxiety, should you suffer from any of these, and you know the feeling or those feelings that rise within you, that response to whatever the situation is, begins half a second earlier than you are aware of or than your conscious brain picks up on. So if this reaction is happening earlier then we are aware, we have then got have a thought or reaction that has equally happened half of a second earlier than our conscious brain picks up on. I hope this makes sense, it can get mind boggling as Terence says below.
So a negative reaction to something is well on its way along all the neural pathways in our brain, about 50 meters of neural pathways, before we are consciously aware of it. So how do we stop this. How can we stop the reaction before it begins? That’s where BWRT®️
 comes in. It gets as close to the begin of a reaction as possible to remove it, stop it in its tracks and replace it with your Preferred Response. The preferred response is how you would prefer to feel, be and act in that situation.



Some of the areas I have used BWRT®️ and helped

Cravings – cola, sweet things, Smoking, unhealthy food, alcohol

Anxiety – social, animals, food, agoraphobia

Panic/Fear/Phobia – thunder storms, driving, animals

Sports – golf swing

Smoking cessation (often just the one session)

There are many other areas that I have used BWRT®️ to help my clients along side but not in the same session as my other therapies, grief helping to take away that real sting and hurt of grief. Helping work through a situation that is difficult but will pass, for example a loved one that isn’t well, helping them through this difficult time. Helping deal with guilt. Helping with specific emotional response to situations, for example an empty house when everyone has left. Paranoia, checking other peoples phones. Hair pulling, Trichotillomania.
There are lots more I am sure and lots more I will help with in the future, it is so flexible in what it can be used to help. Terence is often adding to the list of protocols helping us therapists to work with a wider range of ailments/problems/emotions/situation.
BWRT®️ works with strong responses, a very uncomfortable feeling/reaction/emotion that can be accessed by the client, the strength of discomfort has to be up there on the discomfort scale.


BWRT®️ is great at removing a negative response to a situation, a person, an event, an animal, whether its a fear, phobia or anxiety, BWRT®️ gets as close to the begin of the response and replaces it with your preferred response.
An example I often use is a fear of spiders, the distressing reaction to spiders is ‘knocked out’ (so to speak) and replaced with how they would prefer to feel, their preferred response which may be feeling calm and relaxed being in the same room as a spider or being able to pop a glass over it, slide some paper under and pop it outside.

For more info on BWRT®️ please visit or BBRS (British BrainWorking Research Society)

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