Not just hypnotherapy here

Not just Hypnotherapy, I have gained qualification in more therapies that work so well either with hypnotherapy or along side it. I have been thinking about changing my business name to Not Just Hypnotherapy Works 😂 any thoughts welcome on that one ☝️

As I mentioned in my first blog, over the past 18 months to 2 years I have been adding to my tool box of therapies. I first explored a therapy called WSN and did level one training in this and this is what lead me on to study more. I found out about a therapist called Terence Watts, he has now retired from seeing clients but has not stopped learning and developing new therapies, he amazes me and people who know him will know why (click on his name for a link to his page should you wish to find out more about Terence).

From learning WSN I went on to discover probably the most amazing therapy to be developed in the past few years, it is new (Terence began teaching it in 2013 after beginning his research into it in 2011, extremely new in the world of therapy) and amazing, so amazing he has gone on to develop it further and it now has 3 levels. I am talking about BWRT®️, I love using it and I have found it amazing.

BWRT®️ lead me on to BB4B and I have just finished further training in Hypnoanalysis, which has been so interesting, I covered it a little in my original training but this was in much more depth.

These are the other therapies I use and what they can help

BWRT® level 1 – Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Success Inhibition, Fear of failure, Binge Eating/Drinking, Performance Anxiety, Grief, OCD, Mild PTSD.

BB4B – Anxiety, fear and panic, Insomnia, Over eating, Infertility, Social Phobia, Physical Energy, Pain Management.

WSN – Weight Management, Stress, Anxiety, Motivation, Performance Enhancement, Self-confidence Issues, Public Speaking, Career Enhancement, Counselling, Life-direction finding.

Feel free to message me or have a chat

As you can see from the list above that some of the therapies cross over in some areas, I find this helpful as not every therapy will work for everyone.
My next lot of training is CAT which stands for Conscious Analytical Therapy, so as you may have
picked up this is not using hypnosis, I have worked with clients that are not always comfortable closing their eyes, especially to begin with, so this again adds to my tool box.

I am really looking forward to completing level 2 BWRT®️ in October so watch this space for more info on that in the future.

My next blog will be BWRT®️ Coming soon 🙂

Thank you for reading, you can find out more on my web page –
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